University Catalog 2023-2024

1.2 Graduate Student Responsibilities

By accepting admission to NC State University, graduate students indicate that they are ultimately responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures that govern their education at the university. That responsibility requires that all graduate students know where to find the rules and regulations of the Graduate School and any additional requirements of their specific programs.

Students are expected to adhere to either the requirements in place at the time they matriculate at NC State or any subsequent versions of the requirements approved during their continuous enrollment. Students must use an entire set of requirements; they may not piece together a set of requirements from various versions. If a student is readmitted, they must use the requirements in place at that time or any subsequent versions, but they cannot choose requirements from their previous enrolled status.

The Graduate Handbook defines the minimum requirements of the Graduate School and describes procedures that must be followed. Individual program requirements may be found in the Graduate Catalog and should be available through the department office or its website.

All students must also abide by standards of conduct established by NC State. The Graduate Handbook section on Codes of Conduct provides web links to Policies, Procedures, and Rules.