University Catalog 2023-2024

3.11a Co-Majors and Minors


Graduate students wishing to co-major must obtain approval from both programs. Co-majors must meet all requirements for majors in both programs. A representative from each program must also be included on the student’s advisory committee. A student may not co-major in two different degree levels, i.e. a master’s in one discipline and a doctoral in another.

One degree is awarded and the co-major is noted on the transcript. Enrolled co-majors will be classified in only one program for record purposes. 

  1. Master’s Students: Students may co-major at the master’s level in programs with identical degrees, although the degrees do not necessarily have to have identical requirements (e.g., two Master of Science programs, one with a thesis requirement and one without). No student is required to declare a minor.
  2. Doctoral Students: Students may co-major at the doctoral level with the approval of both programs and with the appointment of a co-chair from each program on the advisory committee. The co-chairs will have equal responsibilities for directing and mentoring the student (see Section 3.2 Advisory Committees, A.1.c). Co-majors are not permitted between Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Education degree programs.


The Graduate School does not require a minor, although individual programs may require one. If a program does not require a minor, the graduate student has the option of choosing one, except in an Option B master’s program in which a minor is not allowed. The minor work will usually be from a single discipline or field that in the judgment of the advisory committee provides relevant support to the major field. However, the committee has the alternative of developing an interdisciplinary minor if it best serves the needs of the student. 

When a student selects a minor, the advisory committee must include a representative from the minor field. The minor credits on the Plan of Graduate Work must be approved by the graduate advisory committee member representing the minor, and, in some cases, the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) from the minor program.

Minors That Require Approval of DGP of Minor Program

Students wishing to minor in Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Statistics, and Water Resources, must obtain the approval from the respective DGP.

  1. Doctoral Students: For doctoral students, this approval must be obtained from the minor field’s DGP and then indicated on the Plan of Graduate Work. A minimum of 12 graduate hours at NC State is required for a Doctoral Minor.
  2. Master’s Students: For master’s students, this approval must be obtained from the minor field’s DGP at the onset of course work in the minor field so that they are able to meet any specific requirements in that minor well before the time they wish to schedule their final oral examination. A minimum of 9 graduate hours at NC State is required for a Master's Minor.