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GEP Foreign Language Proficiency


In a sense, languages are keys to the world. The continuous expansion of international relations makes the knowledge of foreign languages increasingly significant. In learning a foreign language and studying its literature and cultures, students acquire a body of knowledge about how humans think, view the world, express themselves, and communicate with one another. Language learning also expands one’s ability to create and discover new meaning in one’s own language and culture. Knowledge of the linguistic structures of a second language helps students to understand their own language better. Likewise, an awareness of contrasting cultural concepts sensitizes students to the differences between their own culture and others. Such awareness has become increasingly important as the communities of the world have become more interconnected and interdependent. The needs of our global society require that more citizens have access to other languages and cultures in order to cooperate in the process of improving the quality of human life.

Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

To fulfill the GEP Foreign language requirement, the student must have proficiency at the FL* 102 level. This can be demonstrated by completing two years/two units of high school study of the same language with a grade of C or better in each of the two years, or a passing grade at the FL* 102 level (letter-grade required), or by placement into the FL* 201 by examination. Additional Foreign Language requirements above the FL proficiency requirement (FL*102) have been established by some Colleges and programs.

American Sign Language (ASL) is accepted in satisfying the foreign language proficiency requirement with two years of ASL in high school with a grade “C” (77) or better in each year.

The Cherokee language is an accepted language for satisfying the foreign language proficiency requirement.

Special Note:  If a student changes a General Education course except for HES courses from a letter grade to credit-only (S/U), then the course will not satisfy the GEP requirements.  Consult your academic advisor if you have questions.

Please click on the links provided for more information about completing this requirement and placements tests offered.

GEP High School For Language

Foreign Language 102
FLA 102Beginning Arabic 1023
FLC 102Elementary Chinese II3
FLF 102Elementary French II3
FLF 110Accelerated Elementary French3
FLG 102Elementary German II3
FLI 102Elementary Italian II3
FLJ 102Elementary Japanese II3
FLN 102Elementary Hindi-Urdu II3
FLP 102Elementary Portuguese II3
FLR 102Elementary Russian II3
FLS 102Elementary Spanish II3
FLS 105Intensive Elementary Spanish6
FLS 110Accelerated Elementary Spanish3
GRK 102Elementary Greek II3
LAT 102Elementary Latin II3
PER 102Elementary Persian II3
Intermediate For Language
FLA 201Intermediate Arabic I3
FLC 201Intermediate Chinese I3
FLF 201Intermediate French I3
FLG 201Intermediate German I3
FLI 201Intermediate Italian I3
FLJ 201Intermediate Japanese I3
FLN 201Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I3
FLP 201Intermediate Portuguese I3
FLR 201Intermediate Russian I3
FLS 201Intermediate Spanish I3
FLS 212Spanish: Language, Technology, Culture3
GRK 201Intermediate Greek I3
LAT 201Intermediate Latin I3
PER 201Intermediate Persian I3
FLA 202Intermediate Arabic II3
FLA 203Intermediate Arabic Conversation I1
FLA 204Intermediate Arabic Conversation II1
FLA 301Advanced Intermediate Arabic I3
FLA 330Media Arabic3
FLA 440Modern Arabic Short Story3
FLC 202Intermediate Chinese II3
FLC 203Intermediate Chinese I Conversation1
FLC 204Intermediate Chinese II Conversation1
FLC 301Intermediate Chinese III3
FLC 302Intermediate Chinese IV3
FLC 401Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature and Social Sciences3
FLC 402Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature and Science3
FLF 202Intermediate French II3
FLF 212French: Language, Culture, and Technology3
FLF 301Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment3
FLF 302Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary Period3
FLF 306French Business Communication3
FLF 307Business French3
FLF 308Advanced Conversation: Contemporary French Cultures3
FLF 309French Phonetics and Pronunciation3
FLF 310Advanced Written Communication3
FLF 315French Civilization and Culture3
FLF 318The Heritage of French Cinema3
FLF 321French Cultures and Contexts3
FLF 401French Graduate Reading3
FLF 411Approaches to French Translation3
FLF 425Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World3
FLF 492Seminar in French Studies3
FLF 502Variety in Language: French3
FLF 511Approaches to French Translation3
FLF 516Art and Society in France3
FLF 521French Cultures and Contexts3
FLF 525Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World3
FLF 592Seminar in French Studies3
FLF 595Special Topics in French3-6
FLG 202Intermediate German II3
FLG 212German Language, Culture, Science, and Technology3
FLG 301Advanced German3
FLG 302German Oral and Written Expression3
FLG 307Business German3
FLG 311Introduction to German Translation3
FLG 315Germanic Civilization and Culture3
FLG 318New German Cinema and Beyond3
FLG 320Introduction to German Literature3
FLG 323Twentieth Century German Literature3
FLG 325German Lyric Poetry3
FLG 390German Studies Topics3
FLG 398Independent Study in German1-6
FLG 401German Graduate Reading3
FLG 420Current Issues in German-Language Media3
FLG 430Cultural Artifacts in the German-Speaking Countries3
FLG 440Green Germany: Nature and Environment in German Speaking Cultures3
FLG 492Senior Seminar in German Studies3
FLG 499Internship in Germany, Austria, or German-Speaking Switzerland1-6
FLI 202Intermediate Italian II3
FLI 208Intermediate Italian Conversation3
FLI 308Italian Reading and Conversation3
FLI 318Italian Society Through Cinema3
FLJ 202Intermediate Japanese II3
FLJ 203Intermediate Japanese Conversation1
FLJ 204Intermediate Japanese II Conversation1
FLJ 301Intermediate Japanese III3
FLJ 302Intermediate Japanese IV3
FLJ 401Advanced Japanese I3
FLJ 402Advanced Japanese II3
FLN 202Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II3
FLN 203Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I Conversation1
FLN 204Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II Conversation1
FLN 301Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu Fiction3
FLN 302Modern Hindi & Urdu Poetry3
FLN 401Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural Contexts3
FLP 401Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers3
FLR 202Intermediate Russian II3
FLS 202Intermediate Spanish II3
FLS 295Intermediate Special Topics in Spanish3
FLS 331Spanish Oral and Written Expression I3
FLS 332Spanish Oral and Written Expression II3
FLS 333The Sounds of Spanish3
FLS 335Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers3
FLS 336Spanish for Business3
FLS 337Spanish for Tourism in the Hispanic World3
FLS 340Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures3
FLS 341Literature and Culture of Spain I3
FLS 342Literature and Culture of Spain II3
FLS 343Literature and Culture of Spain III3
FLS 351Literature and Culture of Latin America I3
FLS 352Literature and Culture of Latin America II3
FLS 353Literature and Culture of Latin America III3
FLS 360Hispanic Cinema3
FLS 395Study Abroad Programs in Spanish3
FLS 399Intensive Spanish Oral Proficiency Workshop1
FLS 400Methods and Techniques in Spanish Translation and Interpretation3
FLS 401Spanish Graduate Reading3
FLS 402Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
FLS 405Spanish-English Comparative Grammar3
FLS 411Topics in the Culture of Spain3
FLS 412Topics in the Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean3
FLS 413Spain and the Americas in Transatlantic Perspective3
FLS 492Seminar in Hispanic Studies3
FLS 495Advanced Study Abroad Programs in Spanish3
FLS 502Linguistic Structure of Spanish3
FLS 503Spanish Applied Linguistics3
FLS 504Spanish Language Change and Variation3
FLS 509Spanish Phonetics and Phonology3
FLS 512Spanish in the United States3
FLS 515History of Spanish Language3
FLS 520Survey of Hispanic Literature and Culture3
FLS 528Don Quixote3
FLS 530The Cultural Production of Spanish Democracy3
FLS 553The Latin American Avant-Garde3
FLS 554The Sixties in Latin America3
FLS 563The Latin American Novel3
FLS 592Seminar in Hispanic Studies3
FLS 595Special Topics in Spanish1-3
GRK 202Intermediate Greek II3
LAT 202Intermediate Latin II3
PER 202Intermediate Persian II3