University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Psychology


Psychology is one of the basic majors in liberal arts and sciences. Psychologists use the methodology of science to study human behavior and experience. A bachelor’s degree in psychology forms an excellent foundation for careers in psychology, as well as business and government. It will also enhance life skills such as parenting and human social interaction. Students can also use this degree as an entry into further education leading to an advanced degree in applied or experimental psychology, or to such fields as law, medicine, business or social work.

The Department of Psychology at NC State offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology as well as an undergraduate Psychology Minor. Psychology majors at NC State have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of ways, including:

  • Psychology Club: All undergraduate majors are members of the Psychology Club, which provides a number of enrichment activities
  • Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology that recognizes academic excellence among Psychology students
  • Other student organizations with like-minded peers in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

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Department of Psychology
640 Poe Hall
Campus Box 7650
Raleigh, NC 27695-7650

Dr. Chris Mayhorn
Department Head



  • C. B. Mayhorn

Associate Head, Director of Graduate Programs

  • S. B. Craig

Assistant Head, Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • D. Grühn

Director of Advising

  • D. Kotter-Grühn

Distinguished Professor

  • T. M. Hess

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

  • L.E. Baker-Ward
  • A.G. Halberstadt
  • R.W. Nacoste


  • L. E. Baker-Ward
  • J. P. Braden
  • D. J. Gillan
  • D. O. Gray
  • A. G. Halberstadt
  • M. E. Haskett
  • T. M. Hess
  • C. B. Mayhorn
  • A. W. Meade
  • R. W. Nacoste
  • L. F. Thompson

Associate Professor

  • J. C. Allaire
  • J. C. Begeny
  • C. C. Brookins
  • J. L. Burnette
  • S. B. Craig
  • S. L. Desmarais
  • D. Grühn
  • A. C. McLaughlin
  • S. D. Neupert
  • S. B. Pond
  • S. A. Stage
  • M. A. Wilson
  • M. B. Wyer

Assistant Professor

  • S. Cho
  • J. Feng
  • E. C. Hope
  • E. K. Kim
  • K. L. S. Mulvey
  • K. E. Norwalk
  • L. M. Widman

Associate Members of the Faculty

  • D. B. Kaber, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • B. S. Mehlenbacher, Leadership Policy, Adult & Higher Education
  • E. N. Wiebe, Math Science & Technology Education

Professors Emeriti

  • J. W. Cunningham
  • D. W. Drewes
  • W. P. Erchul
  • J. W. Kalat
  • J. E. Luginbuhl
  • D. W. Martin
  • D. H. Mershon
  • J. J. Michael
  • R. E. Mitchell
  • R. G. Pearson
  • A. C. Shulte
  • F. J. Smith
  • M. S. Wogalter

Associate Professors Emeriti

  • K.W. Klein