University Catalog 2024-2025

Department of World Languages and Cultures


Our mission is to help students not only become proficient in a world language, but to think critically about the world and immerse themselves in new cultures. We’ll encourage you to travel, study abroad, conduct research and embrace diversity. For complete information about the department, including contact information, please visit the department's website. For information on Major and Minor plans click on "Plans" above.

Majors in World Languages and Cultures

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers concentrations in Arabic Studies, Asian Studies (Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese), French, German, and Spanish.

Majors in World Language Education

For students interested in teaching, the Department of World Languages and Cultures offers World Language Education concentrations in Chinese, French, German or Spanish.

Minors in World Languages and Cultures

Minor programs require 15 hours of study and include courses in language, literature, and civilization. Current minors include Chinese Studies, Classical Studies, French, German, Hindi-Urdu, Italian Studies, Japanese, Japan Studies, Persian, Portuguese, Russian Studies, Spanish, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and World Cultural Literacy.

Undergraduate students majoring in any area of study at NC State are eligible to minor in a foreign language. Students may not, however, major and minor in the same language.

Programs Abroad

Summer study programs are offered in Austria, France, Italy, and Spain. There is also a semester-long program in Spain.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The English as a Second Language program serves the academic and professional language needs of international university students. Courses are designed to help both undergraduate and graduate students perfect their language skills. A TESOL faculty member administers the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) for potential graduate teaching assistants to measure their oral English proficiency.

ESL Add-On Licensure for K-12 teachers

The ESL program provides an ESL teacher licensure program for undergraduates enrolled in teacher education and for currently licensed North Carolina public school teachers.

TESOL Certificate Program

This non-degree hybrid program which includes a 30-hour internship is designed for those who are interested in teaching English abroad and in community colleges, and working and volunteering in immigrant communities. Students earn a TESOL Certificate in one semester.



  • J.C. Michnowicz

Associate Head

  • J.S. Despain

Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs

  • S.G. Navey-Davis

Director of Graduate Programs

  • V.A. Lambert

Assistant Department Head for Scheduling

  • A.C. Wright

Distinguished Professor

  • G.A. Dawes


  • H.G. Braunbeck
  • T.P. Feeny
  • S.E. Garrigan
  • M.D. Garval
  • H. Jaimes
  • D. M. Marchi
  • J. Mari
  • J. Michnowicz
  • J.A. Pasten

Professors Emeriti

  • R.V. Gross
  • J.R. Kelly
  • Y.B. Rollins
  • E. Tai
  • M.A. Witt

Associate Professors

  • M.A. Darhower
  • J.S. Despain
  • N.K. Isaacson
  • V.A. Lambert
  • J.P. Mertz
  • S.S. Mody
  • R.E. Ronquest

Associate Professors Emeriti

  • R.A. Alder
  • S.T. Alonso
  • V. Bilenkin
  • M.M. Magill
  • L.A. Mykta
  • M.L. Salstad
  • S.E. Simonsen

Assistant Professors

  • K.H. Ha
  • M.E. Lago
  • E.C. Saylor
  • A.M. Turner

Associate Teaching Professors

  • J. Brown
  • L.K. Call
  • D. Heinen
  • L. Kube
  • I.T. Messiha
  • N. Phukan

Associate Teaching Professors Emeriti

  • C.J. Block
  • G. Matthews
  • I. Stern

Assistant Teaching Professors

  • A. Lalo
  • L.J. Brooks
  • L.K. Call
  • A. De Simoni
  • D. Heinen
  • D. Henneton
  • T. Kozhanova
  • L.K. Nyota
  • R. Zhai

Assistant Teaching Professors Emeriti

  • D. Beckman
  • M.G. Fosque
  • J.S. Haeseler

Senior Lecturers

  • A.R. Bonaduce-Dresler
  • K.A. Coachman
  • J.A. Despain
  • A.C. Emerson
  • M.M. Estrada
  • J. Fujioka
  • A. Gray
  • M. Ishikawa
  • D.T. Kane
  • J. Khater
  • R.M. Kube
  • J. McConnell
  • K. Morel
  • I. Navarro
  • W. Sera
  • S.F. Sotillo
  • J.L. Widener
  • M.C. Woodbridge
  • A.C. Wright
  • H.S. Young

Senior Lecturers Emeriti

  • M. Bell
  • T.P. Brody
  • M.S. Darrah
  • L.A. Dolan
  • S.G. Navey-Davis
  • K. Ueda


  • H. Bollinger-Peterson
  • D.A. Carson
  • Y. Chen
  • T.L. Di Cassio
  • M. Mohaghegh
  • S. Pesoli
  • S. Rowe
  • L.A. Villa-García

Lecturers Emeriti

  • T.K.L. Hoversten
  • H.S. Kestenbaum
  • K. Lioret
  • L.M. Mordzak
  • N.M. Swisher