University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Mathematics

Our department is committed to mentoring and to creating a supportive environment that helps all students succeed in math.

The NC State math faculty’s mission is to help students thrive. The quality of our teaching has been recognized by the university with the NC State University Provost Departmental Award for Teaching and Learning Excellence as well as the induction of 12 of our faculty into its Academy of Outstanding Teachers, and by prestigious awards from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The department’s size — more than 60 faculty — means that each student has access to personal attention from faculty and to an unusual range of opportunities.

Research topics in our department range from fundamental questions in algebra and combinatorics to mathematical modeling of the eye and circulatory system. Ours is one of the leading U.S. math departments in offering opportunities for graduate students to work on practical problems with industrial collaborators. And our department is one of the most successful in the nation in securing research grants, with annual funding of more than $5 million, much of which supports graduate and undergraduate student researchers.

Department Highlights:

  • Our students have won prestigious Goldwater, Churchill and Fulbright awards and have gone on to notable careers in business, government, research, and teaching.
  • In 2011, the AMS honored our commitment to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in math with its 2011 Award for Mathematics Programs That Make a Difference.
  • Our department awarded more than 12% of all doctoral degrees earned by African Americans in the nation’s top 100 mathematics departments between 2000 and 2010. And 45 percent of our department-supported Ph.D. students are female.
  • Student organizations and seminars in the department are active. These opportunities include the Society for Undergraduate Mathematics, student chapters of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Association for Women in Mathematics, and graduate student groups in areas such as algebra and applied mathematics sponsor talks, panel discussions, and get-togethers.
  • We reach into the community, cultivating the next generation of mathematicians through such programs as the Association for Women in Mathematics student chapter’s annual Sonia Kovalevsky Day for middle-school girls, public events like the annual Kwangil Koh Lecture on Mathematics in Our Time (a talk by a prominent mathematician), and participation in BugFest at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

For more information about our department, including contact information, visit our website.


Department of Mathematics
North Carolina State University
2108 SAS Hall
Campus Box 8205
Raleigh, NC 27695-8205

Dr. Alina Chertock
Professor, Associate Director for CRSC, Department Head
North Carolina State University
SAS Hall 4152


Department Head

  • A. Chertock

Associate Department Head, Director of CRSC and Multimedia Center

  • H.Tran

Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • A.N. Duca

Director of Graduate Programs

  • S. Sullivant

Assistant Department Head and Coordinator of Classroom Instruction

  • M.A. Fenn


  • B. Bakalov
  • A. Chertock
  • M.T. Chu
  • J.D. Cohen
  • P.L. Combettes
  • P.A. Gremaud
  • M.A. Haider
  • H. Hong
  • I. Ipsen
  • K. Ito
  • N. Jing
  • E.L. Kaltofen
  • I.A. Kogan
  • R. Levy
  • Z. Li
  • A. Lloyd
  • S.R. Lubkin
  • N. Medhin
  • K.C. Misra
  • M.S. Olufsen
  • N. Reading
  • J. Rodriguez
  • R.C. Smith
  • S. Sullivant
  • T. Pang
  • H.T. Tran
  • S.V. Tsynkov
  • D. Zenkov

Teaching Professors

  • A.N. Duca
  • M.A. Fenn

Teaching Associate Professor

  • B. Mautsby

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • L. Castle
  • E. Brown
  • B. Burns-Williams
  • S. Paul

Associate professors

  • L. Bociu
  • K. Flores
  • H. Ji
  • C. Jones
  • M. Kang
  • Y. Kitapbayev
  • T. Lidman
  • A. Manion
  • P. McGrath
  • D. Papp
  • A Saibaba
  • T. Saksala
  • R. Sazdanovic

Assistant Professors

  • M. Helmer
  • A. Alexanderian
  • Z. Cang
  • L. Colmenarejo
  • M.M. Farazmand
  • M. Gilman
  • A. Manion
  • P. McGrath
  • R. Murray
  • K. Nguyen
  • A. Papanicolaou
  • A. Sageman-Furnas
  • T. Saksala
  • F. Terzioglu


  • A. Akchambayeva
  • E.J. Dempster
  • R. Ellson
  • F. Simon
  • L.A. Kurtz
  • M. Medvinsky


  • R.E. Chandler
  • H.J. Charlton
  • E.N. Chukwu
  • L.O. Chung
  • H.L. Davison
  • J.C. Dunn
  • G.D. Faulkner
  • J.E. Franke
  • R.O. Fulp
  • D.E. Garoutte
  • J.R. Griggs
  • R.E. Hartwig
  • L. Helminck
  • C.T. Kelley
  • J.R. Kolb
  • T. Lada
  • X.B Lin
  • J.A. Marlin
  • M. McCollum
  • C.D. Meyer
  • L.B. Page
  • C.V. Pao
  • S.O. Paur
  • E.L. Peterson
  • M.S. Putcha
  • N.J. Rose
  • R. Savage
  • S. Schecter
  • J.S. Scroggs
  • J.F. Selgrade
  • C.E. Siewert
  • R. Silber
  • J. W. Silverstein
  • M. Singer
  • E.L. Stitzinger 
  • R. E. White