University Catalog 2024-2025

Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) covers a broad range of disciplines with one overarching goal: a deeper understanding of the Earth’s environment. MEAS takes an interdisciplinary, integrated systems-based approach to studying our planet’s air, crust, and water. This interdisciplinary viewpoint is particularly important today, in light of accelerating global changes and increasing corporate and public interest in environmental health and the stewardship of our natural resources. Addressing these complex issues requires more than narrow training in a single discipline. MEAS graduates can be equipped for tasks as diverse as improving severe storm forecasting; assessing the potential effects of oil exploration and mining; modeling global climate trends or coastal flooding; understanding the transport of air pollutants from industrial centers, remote satellite observation of our planet's surface; or devising plans to minimize erosion, harmful algal blooms and the pollution of our streams, lakes, and estuaries.

MEAS offers:

  • Degrees and minors in meteorology, geology, marine sciences, and natural resources
  • Minors in meteorology, geology, and marine sciences
  • Semester at CMAST, an opportunity to spend a spring semester on the shore of Bogue Sound, in Morehead City
  • A departmental honors program in which participants receive enhanced coverage of academic material and are involved in research.
  • Opportunities for undergraduate research, cooperative education, and Internships
  • Award–winning facilities that include state of the art classrooms, teaching laboratories, computing facilities, and research
  • Partnerships with the State Climate Office and the National Weather Service, which are housed on NC State’s Centennial Campus

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Campus Mailing Address:
Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Campus Box 8208,
NC State University Raleigh,
NC 27695-8208

Physical Address:
Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
2800 Faucette Dr.
Jordan Hall, room 1125
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

Undergraduate Programs Contact:
Maggie Puryear
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs


Department Head

  • Gary Lackmann, Interim


  • O. Brown, Director of NC-CICS-Asheville
  • D.B. Eggleston, Director of CMAST
  • L. Leithold, Director of Graduate Programs
  • C. Thomas, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Associate Director

  • M. Puryear, Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs


  • V.P. Aneja
  • D. Bohnenstiehl
  • D.B. Eggleston
  • D.P. Genereux
  • P.J. Harries, Dean, Graduate School, Professor-MEAS
  • R. He, Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor
  • G.M. Lackmann
  • E.L. Leithold
  • J. Levine
  • P. Liu
  • D.A. McConnell
  • N. Meskhidze
  • H. Mitasova
  • C. Osburn
  • L. A. Owen, Department Head
  • M.D. Parker
  • W.A. Robinson
  • L. Xie
  • S.E. Yuter, Distinguished Professor

Research Professors

  • O. Brown
  • K.E. Kunkel
  • C.R. Philbrick
  • W. Showers

Teaching Professor

  • C. Thomas

Professor Emeriti

  • S.P. Arya
  • J.M. Davis
  • D. DeMaster
  • J.C. Fountain
  • J. Hibbard
  • T. S. Hopkins
  • L.J. Pietrafesa
  • S. Raman
  • F. Semazzi

Associate Professors

  • A.R. Aiyyer
  • E. Hyland
  • R. Paerl
  • A. Schnetzer, Associate Department Head
  • K.W. Wegmann

Associate Professor Emeriti

  • C.E. Knowles
  • A.J. Riordan
  • P.T. Shaw
  • E.F. Stoddard
  • D.L. Wolcott
  • T. Wolcott

Teaching Associate Professor

  • E. Falk

Assistant Professors

  • C. Arendt
  • C. Davis
  • M. Ellis Curry
  • D. Hamilton
  • S. Larson
  • Z. Qu
  • C. Rey-Sanchez
  • A. Soldati
  • S. Zhang

Research Assistant Professors

  • A. Curry
  • L. Hughes
  • J. Zambon


  • C. Congreve
  • B. Eder
  • R. Mera

Senior Research Scholar

  • B. Coffer
  • M. Miller

Adjunct Professors

  • B. Colle
  • D. Easterling
  • P. Hamilton
  • R.S. Harmon
  • D. Kingsmill
  • L. Baker Perry
  • S. Yu
  • Y. Zhang

Adjunct Associate Professors

  • W. H. Battye
  • J. Cunningham
  • J. Rudek
  • S. White

Adjunct Assistant Professors

  • G.W. Bell
  • M. Brennan
  • L. Daniel
  • K. Dello
  • N. Kang
  • B. Kravitz
  • S.B. Phillips
  • J. A. Stanley
  • R.C. Tacker