University Catalog 2024-2025

Department of Physics

Physics provides the conceptual foundation for all other sciences and engineering. Energy, mass, momentum, forces, fields — these ideas form the basis of physical reality. The physicist is trained to see to the heart of a problem and to strip through layers of complexity to reveal the underlying principles with insight and rigor. These skills are important in scientific research and in a variety of careers, from the law office to the boardroom.

Undergraduates in our department receive a high-quality education that equips them with these key skills and prepares them for bright futures. Our expert faculty includes fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and winners of prestigious research awards from organizations like the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. Our ratio of four physics majors to each faculty member allows us to offer small classes taught by faculty, with personal attention and unparalleled opportunities for involvement in research.

During their academic careers, many of our students win national research awards, publish in prestigious journals and hold campus leadership positions before finding successful employment or pursuing graduate study.

Department Highlights:

  • The Department of Physics recognizes the achievement of our undergraduate students through three awards to outstanding seniors, presented at the annual McCormick Symposium:
    •  Rodney I. McCormick Award for outstanding research 
    • Wesley O. Doggett Award for outstanding scholarship  
    • Richard R. Patty Award for outstanding leadership 
  • Many Physics students are involved in student organizations such as the Society of Physics Students, the Astronomy Club, the Artificial Intelligence Club, and the Women in Physics group. 
  • The Physics Department honors program recognizes talented students who go beyond the basic curriculum by participating in independent research projects and advanced physics courses.  
  • Most physics majors at NC State become involved in meaningful, cutting edge research by their sophomore or junior years.

For more information about our department, including contact information, visit our website.

Department of Physics
NC State University
Campus Box 8202
Raleigh, NC 27695-8202

Dr. Paul Huffman
Professor and Department Head
NC State University
Riddick Hall 421, Box 8202
Raleigh, NC 27695-8202
Phone: 919.515.2521


Department Head

  • P. Huffman

Assistant Head

  • K. Warren

Named, Distinguished Professors

  • H. Ade, Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor
  • D.E. Aspnes, Distinguished University Professor
  • J. Bernholc, Drexel Professor
  • J. Krim, Distinguished University Professor
  • G. McLaughlin, Distinguished University Professors
  • L. Mitas, Distinguished University Professor
  • T. Schaefer, Wesley O. Doggett Distinguished Professor
  • J. E. Thomas, John S. Risley Distinguished Professor

Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • J.D. Brown

Director of Graduate Programs

  • D. E. Aspnes

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professors

  • R.J. Beichner
  • J.M. Blondin
  • L.I. Clarke
  • S.P. Reynolds


  • H. Ade
  • D.E. Aspnes
  • R.J. Beichner
  • J. Bernholc
  • J.M. Blondin
  • J.D. Brown
  • L. Clarke
  • K. Daniels
  • W. Ditto
  • D. Dougherty
  • R. Golub
  • K. Gundogdu
  • H. Hallen
  • P.R. Huffman
  • C.R. Ji
  • J. Krim
  • G. McLaughlin
  • L. Mitas
  • S.P. Reynolds
  • R. Riehn
  • C.M. Roland
  • M.C. Sagui
  • T. Schaefer
  • J.E. Thomas
  • M. Unsal
  • K. Weninger
  • A.R. Young

Professor Emeriti

  • R. Chabay
  • K.T. Chung
  • J.W. Cook
  • S. Cotanch
  • W.R. Davis
  • D. Ellison
  • R.E. Fornes
  • C. R. Gould
  • D. Haase
  • G.L. Hall
  • C.E. Johnson
  • K.L. Johnston
  • G.H. Katzin
  • F. Lado, Jr.
  • G.E. Mitchell
  • M.A. Paesler
  • J.Y. Park
  • G. Parker
  • R.R. Patty
  • B. Sherwood
  • P.J. Stiles

Associate Professors

  • C. Frohlich
  • J. Kneller
  • S. Lim
  • H. Wang

Assistant Professors

  • J. Monti Belmonte
  • R. Bordoloi
  • M. Elting
  • M. Green
  • L. Kemper
  • D. Kumah
  • R. Longland
  • K. Mack
  • V. Skokov
  • D. Sun

Teaching Associate Professor

  • K. Heyward


  • R. Egler
  • Z. Lewis
  • K. Warren

Teaching Assistant Professor

  • V. Mehta
  • Z. Webster