University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Statistics

Statistics is a field of limitless opportunities to solve real-world problems. We’re one of the largest and top-rated statistics departments in the nation, and the diverse research interests of our faculty mean students can explore a wide range of specializations and find the one or ones that pique their interest.

We offer a dynamic environment for teaching, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration and training. Biostatistics, data science, business analytics, environmental statistics, statistical genetics, sports analytics, and theoretical statistics are just a few of the subject areas in which our faculty excel. Our students are highly involved in experiential learning opportunities including research, internships, and consulting. US News recently ranked Statistician as its #1 Best Business Job, and our graduates choose from high-paying jobs in exciting fields including computing, precision medicine, sports analytics, manufacturing, biostatistics, national security, and academia.

Department Highlights:  

  • Student organizations of interest to Statistics majors include the Statistics Club, Actuarial Club, and Sports Analytics Club.  
  • Statistics students have many study abroad opportunities, with recent destinations including Antarctica, Ghana, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. 
  • Students in our program develop valuable statistical computing skills in the classroom and lab, and then apply those in our real-world practicum courses and at local and regional DataFests. 
  • Students find exciting summer experiences that include internships in nearby Research Triangle Park, in undergraduate research programs across the nation, and in our own Summer Institute in Biostatistics (SIBS) program.  
  • About a quarter of our students continue their education with graduate studies. Including frequent placement in NC State’s prestigious Institute for Advanced Analytics.

For more information about our department, including contact information, visit our website.


Dr. Len Stefanski
R. A. Fisher Distinguished Professor and Department Head
Department of Statistics
NC State University Campus Box 8203
5109 SAS Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-8203



  • L. Stefanski

Associate Head

  • D. Boos

Director of Biomathematics Graduate Program

  • A. Lloyd

Director of Bioinformatics Graduate Program

  • S. Muse

Director of Bioinformatics Research Center

  • F. Wright

Director of Undergraduate Programs in Statistics

  • S. Muse

R.A. Fisher Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • L. Stefanski

J. Stuart Hunter Distinguished Professor

  • M. Davidian

Cox Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • B. Reich

Goodnight Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • E. Laber

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professors

  • M. Davidian
  • A. Wilson

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professors

  • J.M. Hughes-Oliver
  • T. Reiland

Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor

  • F. Wright

University Distinguished Professor

  • S. Ghoshal


  • D.D. Boos
  • M. Davidian
  • S. Ghosal
  • S.K. Ghosh
  • K. Gross
  • M. Gumpertz
  • J. Hughes-Oliver
  • E. Laber
  • W. Lu
  • S. Muse
  • J. Osborne
  • B. Reich
  • L.A. Stefanski
  • J. Thorne
  • J. Tzeng
  • A. Wilson
  • F. Wright
  • D. Zhang

Associate Professors

  • J. Jeng
  • A. Maity
  • D. Martin
  • R. Martin
  • T.W. Reiland
  • C.E. Smith
  • R. Song
  • A. Staicu

Assistant Professors

  • E. Chi
  • J. Stallrich
  • M. Tang
  • J. Williams
  • L. Xiao
  • S. Yang

Teaching Associate Professors

  • H. McGowan
  • P. Savariappan

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • J. Duggins
  • L. Opperman
  • J. Post
  • S. Wang

Research Associate Professor

  • E. Griffith


  • D.Harris
  • T. Johnson

Professor Emeriti

  • P. Bloomfield
  • D. Dickey
  • T. Gerig
  • J. Monahan
  • W. Swallow
  • A. Tsiatis

Associate and Adjunct Faculty

  • H. Bondell
  • J. Guiness
  • I. Ipsen
  • A. Motsinger-Reif
  • Y. Zhou