University Catalog 2024-2025

International Studies Program

International studies is an interdisciplinary program at NC State that prepares graduates to embrace a world where global linkages exist alongside boundaries and separations. Students will learn to speak a foreign language, engage with culturally diverse societies, study the economic dynamics of international trade and confront changing geopolitical lines. The International Studies curriculum is designed to educate students within a global context.  The program of study requires students to integrate theoretical knowledge about broad global processes and methods used to study them with in-depth examination of a particular world region or major theme in international studies.  The curriculum is designed to expose students to a variety of disciplinary approaches. Many of our graduates go on to work for global corporations, international organizations, pursue advanced studies in diverse academic fields, and in the government or non-profit sectors. International studies students include some of NC State’s most engaged and intellectually active undergraduates.

All International Studies students take the following required courses:

  • IS 200: Introduction to International Studies
  • IS 393: Theories of Globalization
  • IS 491: Senior Seminar in International Studies
  • Acquire foreign language skills (complete a 300 level or above course)
  • All international studies majors must participate in study abroad. 

The major requires study abroad experience equal to six hours of college credits. You’ll work with your international studies faculty advisor to make sure your study abroad experience satisfies degree requirements. This unique component adds depth to your education through sustained engagement with people and communities outside the United States.


Dr. Seth Murray
Director, Program in International Studies




  • Seth Murray, Teaching Professor
    Area of Research: Basque region, France, Western & Central Europe

Core Faculty

  • Kristen Alff, Assistant Professor, History
    Area of Research: Lebanon, Middle East
  • Nora Haenn, Professor, Anthropology
    Area of Research: Mexico
  • Erin Jordan, Teaching Postdoctoral Scholar
    Area of Research: East Africa
  • Haddy M. Njie, Teaching Associate Professor
    Area of Research: West Africa
  • Tatiana Rabinovich, Teaching Assistant Professor
    Area of Research: Russia, Middle East
  • Khodr Zaarour, Teaching Assistant Professor
    Area of Research: Middle East