University Catalog 2024-2025

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program



  • Verena Kasper-Marienberg, History

WGS Executive Committee Members

  • Natalie Bullock Brown, Interdisciplinary Studies (AFS, WGS, ARS)
  • E. Megan Glancy, Sociology
  • Annie Hardison-Moody, Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (CALS)
  • Karey Harwood, Philosophy & Religious Studies, WGS
  • Kyung Hee Ha, World Languages and Cultures
  • Corey Johnson, Recreation and Leisure Studies (PRTM)
  • Rico Self, Communication
  • Patsy Sibley, Interdisciplinary Studies (STS and WGS)
  • Maggie Simon, English
  • John Stadler, English

Affiliated Faculty

  • Barbara Bennett, Professor
  • Mia Brantley, Assistant Professor
  • Natalie Bullock-Brown, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Katherine Charron, Associate Professor
  • Robin Clayton, Lecturer
  • Meg Day, Assistant Professor
  • Amanda Edwards, Teaching Associate Professor
  • Kathleen Foody, Assistant Professor
  • Rachel Gelfand, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • E. Megan Glancy, Lecturer
  • Amy Glaser, Assistant Professor
  • Marsha Gordon, Professor
  • Steven Greene, Professor
  • Kyung Hee Ha, Assistant Professor
  • Annie Hardison-Moody, Associate Professor
  • Karey Harwood, Associate Professor
  • Marbella Hill, Assistant Professor
  • Lori Hoggard, Assistant Professor
  • Corey Johnson, Professor
  • DeAnn Judge, Senior Lecturer
  • Miriam Orr, Professor
  • Jessica Pfaffendorf, Assistant Professor
  • Rico Self, Assistant Professor
  • Laura Severin, Professor
  • Patsy Sibley, Teaching Assocaite Professor
  • Maggie Simon, Associate Professor
  • John Stadler, Assistant Professor
  • Margaret Stiffler, Teaching Associate Professor
  • SJ Taylor, Lecturer
  • Monica Velez, Assistant Professor