University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Applied Ecology

The Department of Applied Ecology exists to advance and share fundamental and novel discoveries in ecology and apply them to our greatest environmental challenges. Working at the intersection of basic and applied life sciences, our researchers confront local problems and solve grand global challenges. Faculty strengths are in the areas of ecology, fisheries, aquaculture, conservation biology, environmental toxicology, and global change biology.

The Department of Applied Ecology has a strong and diverse research portfolio that exists at the interface of basic and applied life sciences. Topics of interest vary widely as do the levels of analysis, ranging from cells to ecosystems. We share a passion for understanding the living world and applying ecological principles to solving societal challenges. Research in these fields fuels a strong, well-funded graduate program, effective extension and outreach, an undergraduate minor and a developing undergraduate curriculum. 

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Department of Applied Ecology
North Carolina State University
100 Eugene Brooks Avenue
Campus Box 7617
Raleigh, NC 27695-7617


Dr. Derek Aday
Department Head
127A David Clark Labs, Box 7617


Department Head

  • D.D. Aday

Graduate Coordinator

  • R.E. Irwin

Department Extension Leader

  • W.G. Cope

Distinguished University and William Neal Reynolds Professor

  • J.M. Burkholder
  • W.G. Cope
  • R.R. Dunn


  • D.D. Aday
  • J.A. Buckel
  • J.M. Burkholder
  • J.A. Collazo
  • W.G. Cope
  • R.R. Dunn
  • J.M. Hinshaw
  • R.E. Irwin
  • T.J. Kwak
  • A.C. Ramirez

Assistant Professors

  • J. Ciao
  • J.R. Fischer
  • C.E. LeProvost
  • B.J. Reading
  • B.W. Taylor
  • E.K. Youngsteadt

Affiliated Faculty

  • R. Boyles, USGS SECASC
  • M. Eaton, USGS SECASC
  • K. Gross
  • N. Haddad
  • A. Lynch
  • A. McKerrow
  • G. McMahon, USGS SECASC
  • M.B. Reiskind
  • A. Terando, USGS SECASC

Professors Emeritus

  • R.W. Laney