University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Horticultural Science

Horticulture is a dynamic segment of agriculture. The development, growth, distribution, and utilization of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants, plus the art and science of landscape designing enrich our lives with nutritious foods and more attractive surroundings. North Carolina’s varied climatic conditions favor the production of a wide variety of horticultural crops on a commercial scale, as well as numerous beautiful parks, gardens, and arboreta. The growing interest in local foods and home gardening has created a demand for more information about fruits and vegetable production and new crop varieties adapted to North Carolina’s environments. Urban population growth fuels a need for ornamental plants and a thriving nursery industry. Designers skilled in residential and commercial landscaping, interior plantscaping, and plant maintenance are in high demand. The growth in demand for horticultural information by the consumer, schools, and state and county government continues to increase.

Undergraduate programs in horticultural science offer a broad based education in physical and biological sciences and a sound production background. Students can concentrate in areas of fruit and vegetable science, floriculture, woody ornamental plant science, landscape design, or pursue a general approach encompassing all the specialties. They are prepared for graduate study or for diverse professional service.

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Department of Horticultural Science
Campus Box 7609
Raleigh, NC 27695-7609

Frank Louws
Department Head


Department Head

  • Frank Louws

Assistant Department Head

  • Lucy Bradley

Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Helen T. Kraus

Director of Graduate Programs

  • Chris Gunter

Department Extension Leader

  • Lucy Bradley

Director, JC Raulston Arboretum

  • Mark Weathington

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor

  • T.C. Wehner
  • C. Yencho
  • S. Zeng

JC Raulston Distinguished Professor

  • T. Ranney


  • W.G. Buhler
  • N.G. Creamer
  • G.E. Fernandez
  • W.C. Fonteno
  • C. Gunter
  • C.A. Iglesias
  • J.L. Kornegay
  • J.C. Neal
  • P. Perkins-Veazie
  • T.G. Ranney
  • J.R. Schultheis
  • T.C. Wehner
  • B.E. Whipker
  • C. Yencho
  • S. Zeng

Associate Professor

  • J.D. Burton
  • D. Carley
  • J.M. Davis
  • B.A. Fair
  • B.E. Jackson
  • K. Jennings
  • H.T. Kraus
  • A.V. LeBude
  • D.R. Panthee
  • M.L. Parker
  • J.T. Sherk
  • A.M. Spafford

Assistant Professor

  • H. Ashrafi
  • R. Hernandez
  • M. Iorizzo
  • T.M. Kon
  • W. Liu


  • L. Ivy
  • E.M. Meyer


  • M.E. Clough
  • S.F. Krasnyanski
  • K.V. Pecota

Research Associate

  • B.A. Bergmann
  • A. Nus
  • J. Spencer
  • K. Starke
  • R. Welker
  • J. Zhang

Research Assistant Professor

  • R. Dunning
  • B.A. Olukolu

Extension Associate

  • M. Clough
  • W.E. Mitchem

Adjunct Professor

  • D.J. Bremer
  • J.L. Gibson
  • J. Herbage
  • M.S. McGinnis
  • C.B. McKenney
  • K. Williams
  • P.S. Zorner

Adjunct Assistant Professor

  • G. Gusmini
  • C.E. Niedziela