University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics serves agricultural, resource, and related industries through its extension, research, and teaching programs.  Applying principles of economics, business, entrepreneurship, and related disciplines, these programs develop an understanding of contemporary economic and business problems and equip students with knowledge of business organization fundamentals and decision-making skills useful in the operation, ownership, value-creation, and management of business firms.

The department offers undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Agricultural Business Management.  Students who wish to specialize their business management skills can choose to concentrate in biological sciences business management (BBM). The BBM concentration is designed for students with a strong background and interest in science who desire careers in biotech.  Students can also choose to specialize in agribusiness entrepreneurship.  The agribusiness entrepreneurship program covers the skills needed to identify, evaluate, and commercialize new business ideas.

What opportunities do our students have?

  • We work closely with our majors and business partners to make internship work experiences available for our students, and often majors can receive college credit for their work
  • Our job shadowing program offers students the opportunity to spend a day at a business shadowing professionals, where they will gain exposure to a variety of opportunities and career pathways
  • Our department organizes road trips every semester, at no cost, to expand our students' professional networks and make connections for internships
  • Study abroad with fellow students on faculty-led program designed specifically for CALS majors!

For more information about this department, including contact information, visit our website.

Nelson Hall
Campus Box 8109
2801 Founders Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: 919-515-3107
Fax: 919-515-6268


John Russ
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Office: 3346 Nelson Hall


Department Head

  • J. Wu, Department Head and Professor

Associate Department Head

  • K. Zering, Associate Department Head & Extension Specialist

Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • J.S. Russ, Director of Undergraduate Programs & Senior Lecturer

Director of Graduate Program

  • X. Zheng

Department Extension Leader

William Neal Reynolds Professors

Hugh C. Kiger Professor


Senior Lecturers

Extension Professionals

Professors Emeriti

  • G.A. Benson
  • G.A. Carlson
  • L.E. Danielson
  • E.A. Estes
  • T.A. Feitshans
  • T.J. Grennes
  • D.G. Harwood, Jr.
  • D.M. Hoover
  • L.A. Ihnen
  • H.L. Liner
  • M.C. Marra
  • C.E. Moore
  • D.F. Neuman
  • T.E. Nichols, Jr.
  • E.C. Pasour, Jr.
  • C.R. Pugh
  • M.A. Renkow
  • C.D. Safley
  • R.A. Schrimper
  • R.L. Simmons
  • C.R. Weathers
  • R.C. Wells

Associate Professors Emeritus

  • J.G. Allgood
  • H.C. Gilliam, Jr.
  • A.W. Oltmans
  • D.D. Robinson
  • P.S. Stone