University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences

Agricultural and Extension Education is a broad field of study and practice representing the blending of agricultural and social and behavioral sciences into educational programs for youth and adults. Central to the department’s goals is the formal and non-formal teaching of problem-solving and learning skills for a lifetime of growing, evolving, and changing. The program awards two bachelor's degrees: Agricultural Education and Agricultural Science. The program also awards two undergraduate minors: Extension Education and Leadership in Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education provides graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences for teacher licensure in agriculture for grades 6-12. Additionally, the agriculture industry loves our graduates because of their combination of agriculture and inter/intrapersonal knowledge and skills.

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science provides graduates with knowledge and skills in both agriculture and leadership that are essential to success in the food, agriculture, and natural resources industries. Again, employers in the food, agriculture, and natural resources sectors appreciate our graduates for their broad understanding and ability to propose solutions to agriculture's complex challenges.

Key highlights about our department:

  • Students in the department complete a specialty area or a concentration in at least one area of agriculture
  • Graduates may plan for teaching, administrative leadership, and public relations positions in secondary schools, community colleges, universities, Cooperative Extension Service, and agricultural businesses
  • Graduates are highly qualified to enter agricultural careers in all areas of food, agriculture, and natural resources
  • Career placement assistance is provided to all graduates


The Agricultural Education curriculum encompasses areas of study that will enable students to participate effectively in planning, promoting, and initiating educational programs in agriculture. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and prepares teachers of agriculture for secondary schools and community and technical colleges. The demand for agricultural education teachers exceeds the present supply in the Carolinas, Virginia, and throughout the nation.

The Agricultural Science curriculum prepares graduates for careers in a wide variety of agricultural industry positions. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science. Students complete a minimum of two agricultural specialty areas, increasing their options for careers in agriculture. Students complete a series of leadership courses to prepare them for leadership positions within the agricultural industries. Internships are not required in this curriculum but are strongly encouraged.

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Dr. Ben Chapman
Department Head


Department Head

  • Ben Chapman

Director of Graduate Programs

  • Annie Hardison-Moody

Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • Joseph Donaldson

Department Extension Leader

  • Sarah D. Kirby


  • C.L. Bird
  • B.J. Chapman
  • K.S.U. Jayaratne
  • S.D. Kirby
  • T.D. Park
  • M.D. Schulman

Professors Emeriti

  • G.W. Bostick
  • D.B. Croom
  • J.L. Flowers
  • B. Kirby
  • G.E. Moore
  • R.D. Mustian
  • R.W. Shearon

Associate Professors

  • J.D. Bloom
  • J.A. Bruce
  • J.L. Donaldson
  • H.A. Edwards
  • A.M. Hardison-Moody
  • W.J. Warner
  • A. Beseli
  • J. Lansdale
  • J. Lee

Assistant Professors

  • J. Alexander
  • M. Gonzalez
  • M. Lambert
  • K. McKee
  • J. Morgan

Associate Professor Emeriti

  • R.T. Liles

Extension Associates

  • J. Bledsoe
  • C. Bracey
  • Jason Chester
  • Sherilee Deal
  • A. Jennings
  • A. VonCannon