University Catalog 2023-2024

Prestage Department of Poultry Science

The Prestage Department of Poultry Science provides a program that encompasses multiple disciplines. Poultry Science is the study of poultry species and the core and traditional sciences involved in animal agriculture production.  These sciences include but are not limited to: biology, chemistry, math, and physics. Instruction includes the principles of vertically integrated poultry production and related disciplines such as nutrition, physiology, genetics, immunology, toxicology, biotechnology, and general poultry management.

Through teaching, research, and extension, the department serves students, poultry producers, and allied industries. Poultry production has increased rapidly during the last two decades and ranks first in North Carolina as a source of agricultural income. Growing demand for poultry products, our climate and economic conditions in the state provide a sound base for continued expansion.

The Prestage Department of Poultry Science is one of only six land-grant academic departments in the U.S. dedicated to poultry science. We produce nearly a third of all poultry science graduates. With abundant scholarship opportunities and a 95% job placement rate, our graduates have opportunities that range from flock supervisors and processing managers to geneticists and vaccine sales representatives.

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Prestage Department of Poultry Science
Campus Box 7608
NC State University Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695-7608


Dr. Lynn Worley-Davis
Director of Undergraduate Programs


Department Head

  • Patricia Curtis

Department Extension Leader

  • Jesse L. Grimes

Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • Lynn Worley-Davis

Director of Graduate Programs

  • Kenneth Anderson

William Neal Reynolds Professors

  • P.R. Ferket

Full Professors

  • K.E. Anderson
  • P. Curtis
  • F.W. Edens
  • J.L. Grimes
  • H.M. Hassan
  • A. Kiess
  • M.D. Koci
  • P.E. Mozdziak
  • E.O. Oviedo-Rondon

Associate Professors

  • A.C. Fahrenholz

Assistant Professors

  • M.V. Joseph

Teaching Associate Professor

  • E.B. Bohorquez

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • L. Worley-Davis

Adjunct Professors

  • T. Ao
  • A. Arellano
  • R. Beckstead
  • J. Bruno-Barcena
  • Y. Fasina
  • V. Felts
  • T. Frost
  • D. Joardar
  • B. Kempisty
  • Z.S. Lowman
  • D.R. McIntyre
  • B. Nusairat
  • R.I. Qudsieh
  • M.A. Qureshi
  • H. Romero-Sanchez
  • C. Stark
  • O. Toomer
  • N. Ward

Professors emeriti

  • J. Croom
  • G. Havenstein