University Catalog 2024-2025

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

The NC Cooperative Extension at NC State University is part of a national Extension network that transforms the research knowledge of the university system into practical learning experiences and opportunities for all residents of NC to improve their lives.

Client’s value Cooperative Extension based on our proven ability to help people improve their lives though their personal application of the new knowledge they learn. Dedicated staff are committed to finding the best unbiased information and then helping individuals one-on-one or creating educational programs to help solve real problems and address relevant issues. Respect for individual needs and the belief that education can improve lives has built a strong and respected relationship throughout the state and nation.

The NC Cooperative Extension partners with all one hundred County Governments and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Tribal leadership to provide locally based Agents with the skills and passion to provide the education and hands-on training needed to impact local issues. Agents use advisory councils of local residents to identify key issues and concerns in their families, businesses, and communities. Once key issues are identified, agents develop educational programs and appropriate teaching and experiential learning methodologies to help targeted audiences learn what they can do to improve their practices, behaviors and lives. Outcomes and impacts of these programs are determined through evaluations to ensure public trust and accountability of resources provided.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension key areas of educational expertise include: Strengthening the economic and environmental vitality of NC food, feed, fiber and forest systems and ornamental plant based industries; Family health and nutrition; Positive youth development and leadership (4-H); and Community Development.


NC State Extension
Patterson Hall, Room 120
Campus Box 7602


Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Richard H. Linton

Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Director, NC State Extension

  • A. Richard Bonanno

Associate Director and State Program Leader, ANR/CRD

  • Dale Monks

Associate Director and State Program Leader, 4-H Youth Development

  • Michael J. Yoder

Assistant Director and State Program Leader, FCS

  • Sarah Kirby