University Catalog 2024-2025

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to accomplish great things in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Our world-class undergraduate programs prepare students to answer environmental and agricultural challenges, building on our rich history of growing agricultural and environmental sciences in North Carolina and around the globe. But our focus is on the future, because the solutions for feeding a growing population, conserving natural resources and dealing with climate change are rooted in crop and soil sciences.

We conduct research that drives innovation and new technology, expands understanding and provides science-based information to solve problems, but we don’t stop there. We make sure our graduates, stakeholders and partners put their gained knowledge and innovation to work for a better tomorrow.

The department offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate opportunities: three bachelor of science degrees, four minors, two certificates, and three associates of applied science. For information about our degrees, follow the links under "Plans" tab shown above. 

For more information about this department, including contact information, visit our website.

Contact Person

Undergraduate Programs Office
Crop & Soil Sciences Department
2234 Williams Hall
Campus Box 7620


Department Head

  • Jeff Mullahey

Associate Department Head

  • David Crouse

Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • David Crouse

Coordinator of Advising

  • Brittany DesLauriers

Director of Graduate Programs for Crop Science

  • Candace Haigler

Director of Graduate Programs for Soil Science

  • Mike Mullen

Department Extension Leader

  • Matthew Vann

Professors of Distinction

  • D. Crouse, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
  • R. Dewey, Philip Morris Distinguished Professor
  • J. Dunne, Severn Peanut Company / Hampton Farms Distinguished Fellow in Plant Breeding
  • D. Jordan, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor
  • R. Lewis, Charles Stuber Distinguished Professor of Plant Breeding
  • G. Miller, Bayer Environmental Science Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development
  • B. Patterson, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
  • R. Richardson, William H. Culpepper Distinguished Professor of Aquatic Weed Science
  • M. Vann, William K. and Ann T. Collins Distinguished Scholar in Tobacco Research and Extension
  • M. Vepraskas, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor


  • A. Amoozegar
  • D. Crouse
  • R. Dewey
  • O. Duckworth
  • K. Edmisten
  • W. Everman
  • T. Gannon
  • C. Haigler
  • J. Havlin
  • R. Heiniger
  • J. Heitman
  • V. Kuraparthy
  • D. Jordan
  • R. Leon
  • R. Lewis
  • R. McLaughlin
  • S. Milla-Lewis
  • G. Miller
  • M. Mullen
  • J. Murphy
  • D. Osmond
  • B. Patterson
  • S. Reberg-Horton
  • R. Richardson
  • W. Shi
  • M. Vepraskas
  • F. Yelverton

Associate Professors

  • C. Cahoon
  • M. Castillo
  • G. Collins
  • L. Unruh Snyder
  • M.C. Vann
  • L. Gatiboni
  • A. Post
  • M. Vann

Assistant Professors

  • A. Cardoso
  • J. Dunne
  • J. Gage
  • K. Garcia
  • A. Johnson
  • S. Kulesza
  • H. Li
  • E. Ozlu
  • M. Ricker
  • D. Suchoff
  • R. Vann
  • A. Woodley
  • Q. Zhou


  • E. Erickson
  • C. Kranz

USDA Faculty

  • G. Brown-Guedira
  • K. Burkey
  • B. Fallen
  • A. Franzluebbers
  • J. Holland
  • A. Hulse-Kemp
  • M. Krakowsky
  • A. Locke
  • R. Mian
  • E. Taliercio
  • R. Tisdale