College of Natural Resources (CNR)

CNR 250  Diversity and Environmental Justice  (3 credit hours)  

Differences between people can impact how they see one another and engage with one another. In this class we talk about those differences and address numerous facets of diversity to pique the curiosity of the students. As we learn together, we investigate content that can influence dynamics (how we feel) and we explore different ways to investigate environmental justice issues. This course is designed to create a safe learning environment for reflection, engagement, risk-taking, and the development of personal awareness while looking at how each individual can improve environmental justice. 75% of the seats will be restricted for CNR students.

GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives, GEP U.S. Diversity

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

CNR 295  Special Topics in College of Natural Resources  (1-3 credit hours)  

Special topics in the College of Natural Resources at the 200 level for offering of courses on an experimental basis.

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

CNR 490  Senior Honors Seminar  (2 credit hours)  

Oral presentations of the results of the senior honors projects. Additional special seminars and group discussions to enrich and broaden student perspectives.

Prerequisite: 4 credit hours of Independent Study

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer