College of Sciences (COS)

COS 100  Science of Change  (2 credit hours)  

This course will examine change, both scientific and personal. Students will reflect on change in the past and looking forward as they transition to college life and scientific careers. Case studies, readings and discussions about global change topics will be used to highlight the scientific approaches of disciplines represented in the College of Sciences. In-class activities and out-of-class reflections will be used to practice skills necessary for success in college and career.

Restriction: New freshmen (NFR) in the College of Sciences only

GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Typically offered in Fall only

COS 295  Special Topics in the College of Sciences  (1-3 credit hours)  

Special topics in the College of Sciences at the early undergraduate level. Available as directed individual or group study.

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

COS 498  Spec Topics in the College of Sciences 2  (3 credit hours)  

Special Topics for advanced undergraduates will be selected from the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences.