Humanites and Social Sciences (HSS)

HSS 120  Introduction to Humanities & Social Sciences  (2 credit hours)  

Introduction to humanities and social science disciplines by comparing methods of inquiry and perspectives on a social/cultural issue. The course will also facilitate exploration of college and university resources, opportunities, and policies, and address skills for academic, personal, and career success. First-year entering Humanities and Social Sciences majors only.

R: New Freshmen with majors in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences only

GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

HSS 392/COM 392  International and Crosscultural Communication  (3 credit hours)  

Patterns and problems of verbal and non-verbal forms of crosscultural communication. Avoidance and management of cultural conflict arising from awareness of characteristics and crosscultural communication. Impact on communication of differing cultural perspectives.

GEP Global Knowledge, GEP Social Sciences, GEP U.S. Diversity

Typically offered in Fall and Summer