Humanites and Social Sciences (HSS)

HSS 120  Introduction to Humanities & Social Sciences  (2 credit hours)  

Introduction to humanities and social science disciplines by comparing methods of inquiry and perspectives on a social/cultural issue. The course will also facilitate exploration of college and university resources, opportunities, and policies, and address skills for academic, personal, and career success. First-year entering Humanities and Social Sciences majors only.

R: New Freshmen with majors in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences only

GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

HSS 392/COM 392  International and Crosscultural Communication  (3 credit hours)  

Patterns and problems of verbal and non-verbal forms of crosscultural communication. Avoidance and management of cultural conflict arising from awareness of characteristics and crosscultural communication. Impact on communication of differing cultural p

GEP Global Knowledge, GEP Social Sciences, GEP U.S. Diversity

Typically offered in Fall and Summer