Global Public Health (GPH)

GPH 112  Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions: Global Pandemic  (2 credit hours)  

Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions is a shared academic experience designed for all students new to NC State. Each year, this course focuses on a current wicked problem, defined as a highly complex problem that can only be addressed through collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts. This course explores a wicked problem and possible solutions through the perspectives of NC State scholars representing many different areas of study and reflects NC State's commitment to inclusion of individuals and ideas from a broad diversity of backgrounds and experiences. GPH 112 focuses on the wicked problem of Global Pandemics.

R: New First-Year Students and New Transfer Students

GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Typically offered in Summer only

GPH 201  Fundamentals of Global Public Health  (3 credit hours)  

Introduction to Public Health, providing a population-based perspective on disease and injury causation and prevention. Environmental, social, behavioral, and biological determinants of health and disease. Access to health services from a global perspective. Selected tools of disease control and health promotion and problems related to health-care delivery to society as a whole and to vulnerable populations.

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

GPH 404/ST 404  Epidemiology and Statistics in Global Public Health  (3 credit hours)  

This course will provide a general introduction to the quantitative methods used in global health, combining elements of epidemiology and biostatistics. The course will focus on linear and logistic regression, survival analysis, traditional study designs, and modern study designs. Students will learn fundamental principles in epidemiology, including statistical approaches, and apply them to topics in global public health. The course prerequisite is a B- or better in one of these courses: ST 305, ST 311, ST 350, ST 370, or ST 371. In addition, a B- or better in GPH 201 is strongly recommended.

Pre-requisite: B- or better in one of these courses: ST 305, ST 311, ST 350, ST 370, or 371

Typically offered in Fall only

GPH 425  Global Health and Physiology  (6 credit hours)  

This Study Abroad course is designed to immerse students in current physiology and disease research, tropical medicine, and global health issues while providing students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of global health. Students spend three weeks on campus exploring scientific, policy, cultural, and governmental influences on global health before traveling to a developing country to participate in medical service outreach for 2 weeks. Application to and acceptance into this Study Abroad course and payment for travel is required for course participation.

Prerequisite: C- or better in BIO 212 or BIO 250 of BIO 240 or BIO 245

Typically offered in Summer only