Agricultural Education (BS): Animal Science Concentration

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The Agricultural Education major within the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences prepares graduates to teach agriculture, serve as FFA advisors, and supervise agricultural experiences (SAE) in public and private schools. 

The Animal Science concentration is one of seven concentrations offered for the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education.

  • Students interested in Agricultural Education may be eligible to apply for the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program at NC State.
  • Student teachers of agriculture may apply for Ed Scholars through NC State.
  • Many alumni pursue careers in middle and high schools, universities and community colleges, county extension offices, and in the agricultural industry

Teacher Licensure

Completion of the B.S. program in Agricultural Education leads to teacher licensure in North Carolina for grades 6-12. Because of North Carolina’s reciprocity agreements, graduates also can pursue certification in about 35 states. Download the Teacher Licensure Checklist to review the requirements for admissions to teacher education candidacy and help you stay on course.

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Dr. Travis Park
Director of Undergraduate Programs

Plan Requirements

AEE 103Fundamentals of Agricultural and Extension Education1
or ALS 103 Freshman Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sciences
or ALS 303 Transfer Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sciences
Writing and Speaking
COM 110Public Speaking3
BIO 181Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity4
BIO 183Introductory Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology4
CH 101
CH 102
Chemistry - A Molecular Science
and General Chemistry Laboratory
Agricultural Education
AEE 101Introduction to Career and Technical Education 11
AEE 206Introduction to Teaching Agriculture 13
AEE 226Computer Applications and Information Technology in Agricultural & Extension Ed 13
AEE 303Administration and Supervision of Student Organizations 13
AEE 322Experiential Learning in Agriculture 13
AEE 326Teaching Diverse Learners in AED 13
AEE 327Conducting Summer Programs in Agricultural Education1
AEE 424Planning Agricultural Educational Programs 13
AEE 426Methods of Teaching Agriculture 13
AEE 427Student Teaching in Agriculture 18
AEE 491Seminar in Agricultural Education1
Other Professional Education
EDP 304Educational Psychology 13
ELP 344School and Society 13
ED 311Classroom Assessment Principles and Practices 12
ED 312Classroom Assessment Principles and Practices Professional Learning Lab 11
Teaching Content Courses
BAET 201Shop Processes and Management3
or TDE 110 Materials & Processes Technology
Plant Science Elective3
SSC 200
SSC 201
Soil Science
and Soil Science Laboratory
Select one of the following Economics Electives:3
Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics
Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics
Principles of Microeconomics
Fundamentals of Economics
Animal Science Concentration
ANS 150
ANS 151
Introduction to Animal Science
and Introduction to Animal Science Lab
Select one of the following Evaluation of Farm Animals courses:2
Physiology of Domestic Animals
Principles of Equine Evaluation
Dairy Cattle Evaluation
Livestock Evaluation
ANS 225Principles of Animal Nutrition3
or ANS 230 Animal Nutrition
ANS 215Agricultural Genetics3
or GN 301 Genetics in Human Affairs
Animal Science Elective2
ANS Restricted Elective6
GEP Courses In The Major
ENG 101Academic Writing and Research 14
GEP Humanities6
GEP Mathematical Sciences6
GEP Health and Exercise Studies2
GEP Additional Breadth (Mathematical Sciences/Natural Sciences/Engineering)3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives5
GEP U.S. Diversity (verify requirement)
GEP Global Knowledge (verify requirement)
Foreign Language Proficiency (verify requirement)
Free Electives4
Total Hours120

Plant Science Electives

AEC 423Introduction to Fisheries Sciences Laboratory1
ALS 103Freshman Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sciences1
ALS 303Transfer Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sciences1
ANS 215Agricultural Genetics3
CS 200Introduction to Turfgrass Management4
CS 210Lawns and Sports Turf3
CS 211Plant Genetics3
CS 213Crop Science3
CS 214Crop Science Laboratory 1
CS 216Southern Row Crop Production - Cotton, Peanuts, and Tobacco3
CS 218Southern Row Crop Production - Corn, Small Grains and Soybeans3
CS 224Seeds, Biotechnology and Societies3
CS 230Introduction to Agroecology3
CS 312Grassland Management for Natural Resources Conservation3
CS 400Turf Cultural Systems3
CS 410Community Food Systems3
CS 411Crop Ecology3
CS 413Plant Breeding2
CS 414Weed Science4
CS 415Integrated Pest Management3
CS 418Introduction to Regulatory Science in Agriculture3
CS 424Seed Physiology3
CS 430Advanced Agroecology4
CS 465Turf Management Systems and Environmental Quality3
CS 470Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management2
CS 480Sustainable Food Production (capstone)1
CS 502Plant Disease: Methods & Diagnosis2
CS 518Introduction to Regulatory Science in Agriculture
CS 524Seed Physiology3
CS 541Plant Breeding Methods3
CS 565Turf Management Systems and Environmental Quality3
CS 590Special Topics1-6
CS 591Special Problems1-6
CSSC 290Professional Development in Crop & Soil Sciences1
CSSC 490Senior Seminar in Crop Science and Soil Science1
CSSC 492Professional Internship Experience in Crop and Soil Sciences1-3
CSSC 493Research Experience in Crop and Soil Sciences1-3
CSSC 495Special Topics in Crop and Soil Sciences1-6
ENT 402Forest Entomology3
ENT 470Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management2
FOR 150Critical Thinking and Data Analysis2
FOR 172Forest System Mapping and Mensuration I2
FOR 204Silviculture2
FOR 248Forest History, Technology and Society3
FOR 250Professional Development II: Communications in Natural Resources1
FOR 252Introduction to Forest Science3
FOR 260Forest Ecology4
FOR 261Forest Communities2
FOR 264Forest Wildlife1
FOR 265Fire Management1
FOR 273Forest System Mapping and Mensuration II3
FOR 293Independent Study in Forest Management1-6
FOR 294Independent Study in Forest Management1-6
FOR 295Special Topics in Forestry1-6
FOR 303Silvics and Forest Tree Physiology3
FOR 304Theory of Silviculture4
FOR 318Forest Pathology3
FOR 319Forest Economics3
FOR 330North Carolina Forests3
FOR 334Operations Research Applications in Natural Resources1
FOR 339Dendrology4
FOR 350Professional Development III: Ethical Dilemmas in Natural Resource Management1
FOR 353GIS and Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis and Assessment3
FOR 374Forest Measurement, Modeling, and Inventory3
FOR 402Forest Entomology3
FOR 405Forest Management4
FOR 406Forest Inventory, Analysis and Planning4
FOR 408Hardwood Management3
FOR 411Forest Tree Genetics and Biology3
FOR 414World Forestry3
FOR 415World Forestry Study Tour1
FOR 420Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology4
FOR 422Consulting Forestry3
FOR 430Forest Health and Protection3
FOR 434Forest Operations and Analysis3
FOR 472Forest Soils4
FOR 491Special Topics in Forestry and Related Natural Resources1-4
FOR 493Independent Study in Forest Management1-6
FOR 494Independent Study in Forest Management1-6
FOR 501Dendrology3
FOR 502Forest Measurements1
FOR 503Tree Physiology1
FOR 504The Practice of Silviculture3
FOR 505Forest Management4
FOR 506Silviculture Laboratory1
FOR 507Silviculture Mini Course1
FOR 508Hardwood Management3
FOR 509Forest Resource Policy1
FOR 510Introduction to GPS1
FOR 513Silviculture for Intensively Managed Plantations3
FOR 514Woodland Stewardship3
FOR 519Forest Economics3
FOR 520Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology4
FOR 522Consulting Forestry3
FOR 531Wildland Fire Science3
FOR 532Wildland Firefighter3
FOR 534Forest Operations and Analysis3
FOR 540Advanced Dendrology3
FOR 561Forest Communities of the Southeastern Coastal Plain1
FOR 562Forest Communities of the Southern Appalachians1
FOR 565Plant Community Ecology4
FOR 574Forest Mensuration and Modeling3
FOR 575Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology3
FOR 583Tropical Forestry3
FOR 595Special Topics1-6
FS 462Postharvest Physiology3
FS 562Postharvest Physiology3
FW 221Conservation of Natural Resources3
FW 404Wildlife Habitat Management3
GIS 512Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing3
HS 131Fruit & Vegetable Production3
HS 144Weeds & Diseases of Ornamentals3
HS 200Home Horticulture3
HS 201The World of Horticulture: Principles and Practices3
HS 202Home Plant Identification3
HS 203Home Plant Propagation3
HS 204Home Landscape Maintenance3
HS 205Home Food Production3
HS 215Agricultural Genetics3
HS 242Introduction to Small Scale Landscape Design3
HS 250Home Landscape Design: Creating Garden Spaces3
HS 252Landscape Graphic Communication2
HS 272Landscape Design/Build6
HS 280Hands-On-Horticulture3
HS 290Horticulture: Careers and Opportunities1
HS 301Plant Propagation4
HS 302Gardening with Herbaceous Perennials3
HS 303Ornamental Plant Identification I3
HS 304Ornamental Plant Identification II3
HS 357Landscape Grading and Drainage4
HS 400Residential Landscaping6
HS 410Community Food Systems3
HS 411Nursery Management3
HS 416Planting Design4
HS 418Digital Media Graphic for Landscape Designers3
HS 420Green Infrastructure3
HS 421Temperate-Zone Tree Fruits: Physiology and Culture3
HS 422Small Fruit Production3
HS 423Viticulture3
HS 428Service-Learning in Urban Agriculture Systems1
HS 431Vegetable Production4
HS 432Introduction to Permaculture3
HS 433Public Garden Administration3
HS 440Greenhouse Management3
HS 442Floriculture Crop Production3
HS 451Plant Nutrition3
HS 462Postharvest Physiology3
HS 471Landscape Ecosystem Management4
HS 475Horticulture Entrepreneurship 3
HS 476Crop Physiology and Production in Controlled Environments 3
HS 480Sustainable Food Production (capstone)1
HS 491Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Study Abroad3
HS 492Horticulture Internship1-3
HS 493Research Experience in Horticultural Science1-3
HS 494Teaching Experience in Horticultural Science1-3
HS 495Experimental Courses in Horticultural Science1-6
HS 502Plant Disease: Methods & Diagnosis2
HS 516Planting Design4
HS 520Green Infrastructure3
HS 521Temperate-Zone Tree Fruits: Physiology and Culture3
HS 523Viticulture3
HS 532Introduction to Permaculture3
HS 533Public Garden Administration3
HS 541Plant Breeding Methods3
HS 550Environmental Nursery Production3
HS 551Plant Nutrition3
HS 562Postharvest Physiology3
HS 576Crop Physiology and Production in Controlled Environments 3
HS 583Advanced Floral Crop Production and Handling3
HS 590Special Problems in Horticultural Science1-6
NR 420Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology4
NR 460Renewable Natural Resource Management and Policy3
NR 491Special Topics in Forestry and Related Natural Resources1-4
NR 520Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology4
NR 560Renewable Natural Resource Management and Policy3
PP 144Weeds & Diseases of Ornamentals3
PP 318Forest Pathology3
PP 470Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management2
PP 502Plant Disease: Methods & Diagnosis2
SMT 202Anatomy and Properties of Renewable Materials3
SSC 428Service-Learning in Urban Agriculture Systems1
SSC 440Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Soil Science and Agriculture3
SSC 462Soil-Crop Management Systems3
SSC 540Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Soil Science and Agriculture3

Animal Science Elective

AEE 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications3
ANS 105Introduction to Companion Animal Science3
ANS 110Introduction to Equine Science3
ANS 150Introduction to Animal Science3
ANS 151Introduction to Animal Science Lab1
ANS 201Techniques of Animal Care2
ANS 205Physiology of Domestic Animals3
ANS 206Anatomy of Domestic Animals Lab1
ANS 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications3
ANS 215Agricultural Genetics3
ANS 220Reproductive Physiology3
ANS 221Reproductive Physiology Lab1
ANS 225Principles of Animal Nutrition3
ANS 230Animal Nutrition3
ANS 231Animal Nutrition Lab1
ANS 240Livestock Merchandising3
ANS 240ALivestock Merchandising3
ANS 260Basic Swine Science2
ANS 261Swine Health and Biosecurity1
ANS 262Swine Breeding and Gestation Management1
ANS 263Farrowing Management1
ANS 264Swine Nursery and Finishing Management1
ANS 265Contemporary Issues in the Swine Industry1
ANS 266Swine Environment Management1
ANS 267Swine Manure and Nutrient Management1
ANS 268Employee Management for the Swine Industry1
ANS 269Internship in the Swine Industry1
ANS 270Pork Export Markets from a Swine Production Perspective1
ANS 271Swine Nutrition1
ANS 281Professional Development of PreVeterinary Track Students1
ANS 290Professional Development for Animal Science Careers2
ANS 303Principles of Equine Evaluation2
ANS 304Dairy Cattle Evaluation2
ANS 309Livestock Evaluation3
ANS 322Muscle Foods and Eggs3
ANS 324Milk and Dairy Products3
ANS 330Laboratory Animal Science3
ANS 395Animal Science Study Abroad1-6
ANS 400Companion Animal Management3
ANS 402Beef Cattle Management 3
ANS 403Swine Management3
ANS 404Dairy Cattle Management 3
ANS 408Small Ruminant Management3
ANS 410Equine Breeding Farm Management3
ANS 411Management of Growing and Performance Horses3
ANS 415Comparative Nutrition3
ANS 425Feed Manufacturing Technology3
ANS 440Animal Genetic Improvement3
ANS 452Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology3
ANS 453Physiology and Genetics of Growth and Development3
ANS 454Lactation, Milk and Nutrition3
ANS 480Judging Team1
ANS 492Professional Internship Experience in the Animal Sciences1-3
ANS 493Research Experience in the Animal Sciences1-3
ANS 494Teaching Experience in the Animal Sciences1-3
ANS 495Special Topics in Animal Science1-3
ANS 515Comparative Nutrition3
ANS 525Feed Manufacturing Technology3
ANS 530Advanced Applied Animal Reproduction3
ANS 531Advanced Applied Animal Reproduction Lab1
ANS 540Animal Genetic Improvement3
ANS 550Applied Ruminant Nutrition3
ANS 552Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology3
ANS 553Physiology and Genetics of Growth and Development3
ANS 554Lactation, Milk and Nutrition3
ANS 561Equine Nutrition3
ANS 571Regulation of Metabolism3
ANS 575Current Topics in Genomics and Proteomics in Animal Science3
ANS 590Topical Problems in Animal Science1-3
BCH 571Regulation of Metabolism3
FM 425Feed Manufacturing Technology3
FM 525Feed Manufacturing Technology3
FS 301Introduction to Human Nutrition3
FS 322Muscle Foods and Eggs3
FS 324Milk and Dairy Products3
FS 435Food Safety Management Systems3
FS 535Food Safety Management Systems3
HS 215Agricultural Genetics3
NTR 301Introduction to Human Nutrition3
NTR 415Comparative Nutrition3
NTR 419Human Nutrition and Chronic Disease3
NTR 425Feed Manufacturing Technology3
NTR 454Lactation, Milk and Nutrition3
NTR 515Comparative Nutrition3
NTR 525Feed Manufacturing Technology3
NTR 550Applied Ruminant Nutrition3
NTR 561Equine Nutrition3
PB 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications3
PHY 452Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology3
PHY 552Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology3
PO 322Muscle Foods and Eggs3
PO 415Comparative Nutrition3
PO 425Feed Manufacturing Technology3
PO 515Comparative Nutrition3
PO 525Feed Manufacturing Technology3

ANS Restricted Elective

ANS 400Companion Animal Management3
ANS 402Beef Cattle Management 3
ANS 403Swine Management3
ANS 404Dairy Cattle Management 3
ANS 408Small Ruminant Management3
ANS 410Equine Breeding Farm Management3
ANS 411Management of Growing and Performance Horses3

Semester Sequence

This is a sample.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
AEE 101 Introduction to Career and Technical Education 1 1
AEE 103 Fundamentals of Agricultural and Extension Education 2 1
BIO 181 Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity 4
COM 110 Public Speaking 3
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research 4
GEP Mathematical Sciences 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Spring Semester
AEE 226 Computer Applications and Information Technology in Agricultural & Extension Ed 3
ANS 150 Introduction to Animal Science 3
ANS 151 Introduction to Animal Science Lab 1
BIO 183 Introductory Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
GEP Mathematical Sciences 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Second Year
Fall Semester
AEE 206 Introduction to Teaching Agriculture 1 3
ANS 225
Principles of Animal Nutrition
or Animal Nutrition
BAET 201
Shop Processes and Management
or Materials & Processes Technology
Economics Elective 3
GEP Humanities 3
Spring Semester
CH 101 Chemistry - A Molecular Science 3
CH 102 General Chemistry Laboratory 1
Animal Science Elective 3
GEP Additional Breadth (Mathematical Sciences/Natural Sciences/Engineering) 3
Plant Science Elective 3
GEP Humanities 3
Third Year
Fall Semester
AEE 322 Experiential Learning in Agriculture 1 3
ANS 215
Agricultural Genetics
or Genetics in Human Affairs
EDP 304 Educational Psychology 1 3
SSC 200 Soil Science 3
SSC 201 Soil Science Laboratory 1
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2
Spring Semester
AEE 303 Administration and Supervision of Student Organizations 1 3
AEE 326 Teaching Diverse Learners in AED 1 3
ELP 344 School and Society 1 3
Animal Science Management Elective 3
Animal Science Selection Elective 2
Fourth Year
Fall Semester
AEE 327 Conducting Summer Programs in Agricultural Education 1
AEE 426 Methods of Teaching Agriculture 3
Animal Science Management Elective 3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives 3
ED 311 Classroom Assessment Principles and Practices 1 2
ED 312 Classroom Assessment Principles and Practices Professional Learning Lab 1 1
Free Electives 3 3
Spring Semester
AEE 424 Planning Agricultural Educational Programs 3
AEE 427 Student Teaching in Agriculture 8
AEE 491 Seminar in Agricultural Education 1 1
 Total Hours120